Open Office Database

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Though Microsoft Office Suite is used by most of the people, we should find other office suites that are available at free of cost. Open Office is a complete package available for you to make use off. This software has equal features, when compared to other office suits. This software has been developed 20 years ago and today 3 versions of this software are available. It incorporates so many useful programs, which on seeing automatically lure you to switch to this. It can be downloaded very quickly, ease of use, good user interface, regular updates and stability. These are some of the reasons for why you should have this installed on your personal computer or laptop. You can do all the operations much like other office suite programs.

Base is the open office database program, which is just as working with Microsoft’s Access. This open office database lets you to create and manage the databases. You also have the option of exporting databases in different formats. Draw is a simple software, which lets you to draw simple drawings of charts, logo or any other image. This does have any kind of drawbacks. Impress is similar to Power Point and helps you to create presentations. You also have the option to create smart presentations. Calc is same as Excel and lets you to store massive data. You can export the file and save it in corresponding format. Open Office Writer works the same way as the Word. It offers you to edit the document and save those documents in word document formats and PDF formats. This is the great advantage of using this software. Unlike other office suite software for which you have to pay, this software is available for free and anybody can use it just by downloading it from the internet. As the open office word document can be easily exported to PDF formats, many people have chosen this software. And moreover, people to whom you are sending the document need not compulsorily have the open office suite to access the file contents.

Talking about the safe cosmetics database, it is the right place where you can find lot of skincare products and their ingredients. A website named cosmetics will give you more information on different skincare products. In the search bar of the website, you can find the manufacturers of the skin product and possible health risks, which can be occurred due to the usage of skin products like day crèmes, moisturizers, lotions, night crèmes, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, perfumes and many other cosmetic related products. When you enter the name, ingredients and manufacturer of the product, you will be provided some interesting information. The rank of the product will get displayed from 0 to 10. The number 0 represents that the product does not have any risk to your health. As the rank goes on increasing, the risk to your health will also be increasing. Ranks 7 to 10 will do serious injuries to your health. Other interesting information are also provided by the safe cosmetics database.

Next moving on to the chess openings database, it is database, which contains a classified system on how to open the moves in the chess game. This is taken from different chess books and from thousands of chess games that are played across the world. The openings are offered by the best opening lines. Chess openings database can be many kinds. Among them, the Sokolsky Opening is less popular among the 9 moves which are generally played. You will have to mobilize the army which you have got and optimize their positions in order to have a clash. Usually one or two moves are enough in the beginning. For instance, Knights need to be moved first as they are slow in nature. Next are the bishops because they have high scope and third you will have to safe guard the king. Likewise, there are many tips of how to move it effectively.