Distributed database management system

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You might be wondering what is database management system. Well the answer to “what is database management system” is as follows – The Database Management System is generally known as DBMS which is the software designed to manage the databases. It includes a set of complex programs which helps in controlling the organization, management, storing, accessing and retrieving the data in an efficient way. A Database Management System involves the following things:

  • Database query language: This is used to interrogate and interact with the database. It analyzes the data and helps in updating it to the users. It provides a good security to the database.
  • Transaction mechanism: It fulfills the concept of ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) and makes sure that it also fills the concept of data integrity.
  • Modeling language: It defines the logical plan of every database which is hosted in a DBMS. It comprises of various models but the most popularly one is the ad-hoc which is embedded in the SQL.
  • Data structures: This helps to tackle the huge data which is stored in the devices.

what is database management system

The following are the different advantages of using DBMS:

  • It enhances data integrity.
  • It has improved security features.
  • It is application data independence.
  • It is flexible and there is enhanced access to data.
  • It reduces the complexity level in an organization.
  • It reduces data inconsistency and data redundancy.
  • It reduces the costs which are carried out in developing applications and maintenance.

Some of the best examples of DBMS are: Oracle, Microsoft access, DB2, Informix, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, MySQL, Firebird, Microsoft SQL server etc. There is something called as Distributed Database Management System (DDBMS). The Distributed Database Management System is a set of programs which is used to manage the databases that are stored in multiple computers via a network. The DDBMS can be generally classified into 2 different types which are:

  • Homogeneous DDBMS: The homogeneous DDBMS helps in processing the user’s requests in an efficient way. It appears to the users as single system. It is very easy to manage and design. But the condition involved in this is that, the OS, database applications and the data structures used at every location should be either compatible or same.
  • Heterogeneous DDBMS: The heterogeneous DDBMS uses different plan and software which becomes a major issue in transaction as well as query processing. The sites might not be aware and hence it will provide limited facilities. The nodes can comprise of different software as well as hardware. Even the data structures need not be same and compatible. There can be various OS, data models, data applications and computers used in different locations. For instance, one location can have the advanced relational database technology whereas the other location have can store the data using certain conventional files. Similarly a location can have Windows NT OS while the other location can possess UNIX. These kinds of systems are generally used when the individual sites make use of their own software and hardware. The users should be able to create requests with the help of the database language. If suppose hardware is dissimilar, then a translation is direct in which the word lengths and computer codes are changed.

A DDBMS has various characteristics like:

  • All the sites will be interconnected
  • It involves replication of fragments
  • It helps in collecting the logically related data
  • Each and every data is controlled with the help of DBMS

The DDBMS helps in keeping the data secured and keeps track on all the data and hence it is very useful to use a database management system.



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