Online secure document storage

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Data storage with security is necessary for every business and individual holding a PC. Therefore the secure document storage is very essential. There are even online document storage and offsite data storage. Only if your data is properly secured, you can refer them in future. As per the government rule regarding the records management policy, it is necessary for every business to keep their past records for at least 6 years. But it will pile up your office and the computer and there probably wouldn’t be any sufficient space left to fit in more data. This is when secure document storage comes into act and following is the checklist while choosing a provider for it:

offsite data storage

  • Check if the service provider is providing you with storage and as well as retrieval services. They must provide you with quick document storage and also retrieval. It should have the ability to store records even in offsite, request or place a file, secure FTP to the desktop.
  • It must have facilities like: early detection of fire and smoke, detection of water and security features like Biometric finger prints and Redcare.
  • Look into the archive features so that you can know where your records are held and if it is secured from hackers or not. Also check for the company’s credits like ISO9001/2008 (quality) and ISO27001 (information security).


Apart from above things, there are companies in online which help the people in managing your documents in online. They are very user friendly and easily manage your documents. The following are some things to consider when you are dealing with online document storage:

  • Check if the service is offering you a monthly cost or one time installation cost for using their services. Many programs are simple to use and provides only one time fee for it and charges based on the storage amount and bandwidth transfer size done per month. A reputed company will clearly tell their pricings to the consumers.
  • Make sure that the online service provider you choose is worthy enough to secure all your documents. Security is the one feature that highly matters. There are companies who use high eng encryption technology to make you information 100% safe.
  • Check if you can change the storage amount and bandwidth size with the one you would be using. Certain companies offer you with upgrading the storage capacity and as well as bandwidth. This is necessary because once your business begins to expand you will require more space for storing the documents.
  • Make sure of the format types which can be uploaded in the transfer system. Can it only accept excel and word files or media files can also be used? Most of the companies offer you with all the common type of formats to be transferred.
  • The most essential thing is to check if you can change the access of users to certain documents.

It is very essential for every business to have a back up of all the data. External memory disks and tapes have been out dated. Offsite data storage will help you to eliminate data loss from natural disaster, failure and theft. The data out here is stored in the remote server and can be accessed only through web interface along with an internet connection. It is an affordable, secured and ideal way to save the data. When it comes to huge organizations and businesses, huge amounts of data needs to be stored. The data to be stored at such cases keeps increasing day by day. It is essential for the storage administrators that they keep all the data secured at a single place. Only in this way, they will be able to access and manage the information easily.

Get A Good Stock And Team Management Software Today

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song recording software

You might have seen lots of emerging artists in the field of music but they never get heard. The reason behind this might be the expensive studio time. You have to pay $100 for every hour that you spend in the studio; $100 for the engineer and other expenses includes promoting the product, for disc jockeys, for the producer, etc. All these expenses will surely cost you around thousands of dollars. An ordinary man can’t afford going to the studio and record their songs. And moreover, it takes pretty much time to make a demo in the studio. Fortunately, there is a way by which you can make your dream come true. It’s the song recording software!! This offers an inexpensive way for budding artists like you to bind their talent with the software to get professional results. Some of the software are Reason, Protools, Adobe Audition 2.0 and 3.0, Ableton Live, Sound Forge, Komplete, Sonar Home Studio, etc. are some of the software, which you can make use off. The price of these software probably range from $100 to $500. This allows artists to record their own songs, edit sounds, etc. In fact, this has helped many artists to get an entry into the music industry.

stock management software

If you are running a business, where you find it difficult to maintain the stock, then stock management software is the best option for you. The software is valuable for business enterprises, which are striving to achieve the set target and control on the business. It helps you to focus on the business as well as logistics, warehousing and inventory control. Using inventory management applications, you can establish some powerful methods for inventory movement. It makes your business more efficiently. The orders placed by the customers are processed quickly and helps in managing the customer in a better way. Some of the software are: Pos Maid, inflow Inventory Free Edition, BS1 Enterprise Accounting Software, Chronos eStock Card Inventory Software and the ABC Inventory software. There are many versions of the software available. So, based on the budget of your enterprise, you can choose the software. By installing the software, you can maximize the capacity of your organization, obtain good control on stock and enhance the efficiency of your warehouse. It also improves the accuracy of your enterprise’s inventory record and there will be less human errors. This software also keeps record of stock movement, performance reporting and variance as well.

team management software

As urgency is the key factor of winning, then you have to be hyper responsive to the clients. If you lack urgency, then it might probably result in downfall of your company. To improve your sales, you have to remove the weak links. The big challenge is to find a means to scale the urgency of different client needs. Lead management software is the one, which helps in creating sense of urgency. You might have so many teams in your company and the team might find it difficult to track other member’s work. In this case, Team management software can be installed. This helps the team members to work together regardless of the location and time. Some of the best software to manage the team are: ProWorkFlow, Liquid Planner and 5pmWeb. The ProWorkFlow software is recommended for people, who do real time projects. The features include Project management, Gantt chart, Time Sheet, calendar & timeline view, dependencies, resources and tasks and reporting. Liquid planner is recommended for simple task management. Apart from basic features, it has templates and To-Do lists. 5pmWeb is the simplest of the three and can be used by people, who do simple works.

How To Transfer Cassette To Cd

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You might have often asked to yourself that how to transfer cassette to CD or any other digital media format so that you could hear it on your iPod. Much people have an erroneous belief that this could be tough but the reality is that the process of converting a cassette tape to CD is much easier than you have thought off. The first and most important step to transfer cassette to CD is to have your cassette recorder or player with you. An audio cassette player that has a headphone or a white/red RCA output will work well to get the job done. Make sure that the player delivers good sound quality. It is recommended to have a branded player like Sony or Panasonic so that you can get a clear audio output, which will be used later to record the audio file in digital format. Next, to this, you should have a personal computer that has windows as its operating system. If you previously have a personal computer and an audio cassette recorder at your home, then you have almost everything to convert a cassette tape to CD.

cassette tape to cd

The next thing is to check out for what kind of audio output is supporting. It can be either 3.5 mm headphone or an RCA (an electrical connector). If you have the red/white RCA outputs, then to combine these 2 lines into a single one, you will need a converter. The converter is often called RCA to 3.5 mm converter. You can find these converters so easily at any of the electronic store. If your cassette player is a walkman or any other portable players, then probably you have to go with 3.5 mm headphone. Here, you will need a 3.5 mm audio cable, which looks same as the one used to hook iPod to your car. Now, simply connect one end of the 3.5 mm jack to the cassette player and the other end to the computer. If you are using the new computer model, then the computer slot is of color blue and is located near to the line-in.

Once you are done with the connections, the next step would be to obtain a cassette to CD converter software so as to record the audio from the player. You can find much number of audio recording software in the internet available at free of cost. Do some research online and find the best software for it. Audacity is the fantastic cassette to CD converter software. This is open source software, which is used to edit the audio files. This software is compatible on both Windows based and Mac based personal computers. After you have got the software installed on your computer, make sure that the audio settings are correct. Verify whether the line-in is set as default or not. If you get some problems, then you can check out for the help files. Now press the play button on your recorder and at the same time, also do click on the “record” button on the Audacity software. Now, the software starts to record the analog input to a digital format. After the recording has been completed, click on the stop button and also do press stop on the cassette player. Save the file in .wav or any other format, which is most likely preferred by you. The software also allows you to edit the file. You can remove the “dead air” and unwanted segment from the recorded file so as to improve the quality. Now, the file is ready to burn a CD. Select the audio file which has been recorded and then click on “burn to CD” button on your computer. Now, you can play this CD in your car or your home.

Electronic Document Management System

Electronic document management software helps you to maintain a document to process, document and retrieve easily. The electronic document management software makes you to retrieve, save and edit the documents remotely. Inspite of distant location, document managing was efficient, quick and easy. The electronic document management system provided security from the intruders or hackers. Previously, only document management software was used but as the internet has come up to a larger extent, open source document management system were introduced.

electronic document management system

The electronic document management system is very essential for any enterprise. With the help of if one can document the images, record the management processes and even digitize the asset management. In early 1980s it was complex to store images and which soon became a drawback and that is why electronic document management was introduced. Now the current trend has gone towards open source document management system. These systems helped in managing the files which were stored in local disk of a computer. It consisted of many kinds of file formats when compared to the older document system. They are much secured, enhanced functionality and have additional features. The electronic document system lets any organization to receive forms, faxes and save copies of images digitally. Then the documents are saved in a depository incase if it is required in the future. They do not require any physical space in your room for storage because they are digital.

One can easily search and retrieve the documents easily from the repository. It is very fast. There are lots of electronic document systems in the market available today. The main advantage is that you can store the documents in their own format or native format. For instance, PDF formats or Microsoft word format. Since the trend nowadays has grown to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), it allows the user to store the document in HTML format too. The HTML is used to display the web pages on a browser. Hence it becomes a requirement to store all the documents in HTML format. The concept behind making this change is to make the search much easier. The modern electronic document systems rely on this type of method and acts like search engines. For example: Yahoo, Bing or Google.

When it comes to documentation, every big player in the industry or large organizations spends millions of money in filling the documents. Sometimes a little part of these documents are either misplaced or misfiled or lost. So in such cases, the electronic system comes into real help. With the help of them, one can store and retrieve the documents easily and efficiently. In this way the operation costs can be lowered. These systems are generally manufactured by vendors like: IBM, Meridio and Hyperwave. They are the giant players of such systems in the market today. Some people think that, since it is purely electronic, paper documents can be used. But you are completely wrong! You can scan the pages containing texts and images. The system will accept and store them. If you want to retrieve the documents, then you can make use of keyword phrases related to that document. You can also easily transfer the information whenever you want. The format can be of word processor or electronic mails.

The electronic systems also allow automatic access to the user who is directly connected in handling the documents. In this way the probability of information being lost or changed is very less. The system makes sure that specified documents are sent to the appropriate user at the specified time. The processing of documents is really smooth. Apart from this, it also provides good security and hence it can be accessed only by the personnel of an organization and no other unauthorized person is allowed.

Configuration Management & Shrink Database

It is important to have a database system to store valuable information relating to business. Apart from this, it is also important to configure the database regularly. In fact Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is important in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). This contains all the important and relevant information regarding the company’s technical components. Some of the components are network equipment, hardware, servers and other peripherals. A configuration management database system is mainly designed for helping the administrator to watch how the different hardware components are working together so as to deliver the required products and customer to their corresponding customers. This system is not implemented unless the data stored in the database are accurate, valid and durable. When the system gets installed, you will enjoy lots of benefits.

recovery database network

Some of the benefits are: Firstly, it helps in breaking down the barrier between a company’s IT infrastructure and its core business. It generally removes the IT silos, and helps the people to work efficiently. Hence you will be getting an efficient and powerful model of business, which broadens your line of business. Secondly, it allows you to manage practically with IT environments. As the organization grows bigger, the system also becomes complex. So here, centralized database systems that have all the data are used. These CMDBs have the capacity to overcome many problems. Thirdly, it enhances the level of security and also gauges the risk related to the business. It does it by locating the weak points at the server side. The IT teams can set priorities to the vulnerabilities and tackle the problem that has more priority. This system also enables the team to keep a track of the changes that are made to the software. This would help the organization, whether the software is a legal one or not.

To maintain the business to business (B2B) relationship, there must be strong and reliable network between them. As the information between the companies is sent over a digital media (internet), security is also important. A powerful tool called Recovery Database Network helps in maintaining the relationship. One who is related to the collaterals field or lending institutions can get great benefits out of this database. Individuals who are likely to view their security documents (collateral) or repossess their property from lending institutions, can access the recovery database network. As thousands of requests are processed in a single month, these networks keep on expanding. However, as the clients and lending institutions, there is a greater possibility that conditions like “shrink database” to occur. To keep the business to go no, the shrink database problems should be overcome. Usually, the business owners upgrade the database systems periodically. With this, it has become the main point of contact between the customers and the lending institutions.

This system allows the lending institutions and clients to communicate with one another. Instead of having the documents sent manually, this enables to send and receive important documents via the network. Thus, it saves lot of valuable time. As the system works as a combination of different accounting software, this program looks like a quick book. You do not have to move from one program to the other for managing your account. Moreover, you can manage your account by sitting at one place. Not only this, there are lot of other electronic trading works, which are managed. The field agents and the repossession organizations are also facilitated with performing the tasks fully. It is also used by the credit unions of many countries. It will be always with you if you are related to the lending and repossession field, no matter wherever you go.

Open Source Document Management Software

The document management open source available in the internet market is growing each day. Since it is open source one can modify it whenever they want. A business must always try to invest in document management software open source because it has lots of advantages, besides there are few drawbacks too. One must choose the document management software open source based on the document management software reviews. Maintaining the documents in paper can be very time consuming and can occupy a lot of space in your cabin. They are uneasy to handle too. But with open source document management it becomes easy and one has to be careful in choosing them. The document management software reviews really play a very vital role in all centralized database.

document management open source

The benefits of document management open source are as follows:

  • It is not time consuming
  • It is easy to access
  • One can change or modify the code whenever they want
  • It is reliable in nature
  • It gives you an open knowledge

There are few drawbacks too, which are as follows:

  • Bugs cannot be fixed very easily because they are open source.
  • Since they are open source, open communication among the software geeks is normal in the forums. In such cases, if a new comer enters into the forum and tries to join them, then they wouldn’t appreciate it sometimes. It is slow in speed
  • There are lots of possibilities of being hacked. If they are open to software developers, then it is open to hackers as well.

The following are the reasons as to why the open source software for document management is useful for your business:

Rapid search option: A person will be able to easily locate or search for a file even if there are thousands of documents. It is programmed in such a way that it helps you to sort the files and hence making the search faster. You can do a full text search in case you are not able to find a specific document. Even if you have misplaced it somewhere or you have moved it to some other location or if you renamed the file, you can still make a clean search.

Controlled file distribution: In older systems, anyone could access the files with much ease. It even had the chances of getting stolen. With the use of software, the administrator can set passwords for viewing and distributing the files. He or she can give access or set limits to few people for accessing the files. You can even send the scanned files to other departments through mail if required.

Reduced memory capacity: It does not need bulk amount of paper to store the data. Lots of paper documents can make your cabin look crowded and messy. But with this software and a computer, it stores in the database which is in digital form.

Recovery features: If there is any sudden natural disaster or unexpected calamities like fire or water, then your paper documents can easily get damaged and there would be no recovery for it. But if it is software, then everything is maintained properly and files can be managed. You can have an extra back up of all the files with the help of external storage devices. In this way you will not have to worry about your data being lost.

Money and time: The software is affordable and can be even used for small firms. It helps you in saving a lot of money and time because you will not have the need to hire more employees.

The open source software associated with document management allows you to organize files and helps in managing the business very easily. People before used to sort the files, process the files and distribute them manually. But since the software is introduced, the work load has been reduced to a greater extent.


Digital sound recorder and recording software

Digital sound recorder are getting little pricey these days and this is why people are moving to get tape recorder or something which is cheaper. But the real fact is that you can buy them at affordable price and there are several advantages behind a digital sound recorder. Technology is improving each day. If you feel that there is important meeting going on and you are not fast enough to listen and hear what people say, then you can on the recorder and later listen to it. There are certain recorders which are voice activated where you can sit comfortably and run and as well as record whenever there is a sound. In this way you will not have to be scared of losing down the critical information.

digital sound recorder

A tape recorder has same function but a digital one has the ability to switch on whenever you want and just start recording. It is an instant recorder. The advantage is that, it can be paused, played and made to rewind at any time. Apart from these common things, they have extra features which you will be not able to find it in a tape recorder. You will see a digital sound recording on a smart LCD screen. You can even expand the memory with the help of a memory or SD card. Since you will be inserting an extra memory, you can do hours of recording without any interruption. There are even some professional recorders which does the recording very smoothly with high quality. You can even get them for 30 dollars, which is not much expensive and it comes in different sizes. They are easily portable and can easily fit inside your pocket.

Music database software is also very essential. Music database software can be downloaded from the internet at anytime and helps you in organizing your music. One can automatically fix a MP3 tag or delete duplicate songs or add an album network. It has something called ID3 tags which help a person to play and locate any kind of song which comes to the mind. They are required because; it helps in sorting out the music files. They will also have essential information like: name of the song, title of an album, type of file, name of the artist, lyrics etc. Without this information it is impossible to organize a music library and hence software is required.

There is lots of best music recording software in the internet world. It is complex for the users to find which is to be used. You have to possess some basic knowledge on recording programs. Some of the software can be expensive to learn. If you want something which can be affordable, then the best music recording software would be a product of Apple, called the Logic Pro 9. This software is for people who possess a strong knowledge or understanding on the digital DAW’s. If you want to know about the program and learn about them you can buy a manual of it and start learning the basics. Before you buy such software, you need to make sure the reason for buying it. You can purchase them depending on the budget you have. There is much software in the internet market ranging from the most expensive ones to cheaper ones. But the most important thing which you need to keep in mind before you make a purchase is the “sound quality”. If you want to make some professional recordings then you will have to rely upon high end programs. If you are doing it for fun, then purchase the cheaper ones.


What Are The Advantages of Centralized Database

With the advent of computer and internet technology, many companies and large industries have computerized their system of doing business. As the businesses are large, the amount of data that are processed is also large. There should be some means to store the data. This is where the database is needed. Many small business owners you haven’t used digital processing of data, doesn’t know “what is database”. Database is generally a table, which consists of rows and columns. Each column header is called “field” and each row is called a “record”. In the past few years, significant number of small scale industries has moved on to the digital processing of the data. Large scale industries process lot of data and the number of employees working in it will be many; they use databases to store all the information.

It all started in the year 1960s. It was mainly designed to make the process of handling huge information system effortlessly. If you are running a small scale industry and you haven’t computerized the processing system, then it’s high time that you should have it installed. Companies, which have its branches in different location all around world, have a centralized database system to store their data. The Database Administrator (DBA) and other employees of the company are capable of accessing data from the centralized database from anywhere from the world. Unlike the distributed databases, the data is stored in a single place. This is an advantage that any information can be accessed from anywhere from the worlds. But there are also some disadvantages in it. As the data resides in one place, no two persons can access the same data. Sometimes, data is unavailable and is also not efficient as that of the distributed database systems. Another drawback is that if the data stored in it gets lost, then you cannot access the data but whereas in the distributed system, a copy of the data is maintained in every database and so even if the data gets deleted in one place, can be easily recovered.Example of database are sql,mysql,oracle,access and many

You can easily store the information in the database and to retrieve the information, you will need some software. To manage the data present in the database, you will need a database management system. Database software stores the data in tables. Each column or field has separate information about the item and each record incorporates the entire information of the particular item. The most commonly used database software used by small enterprises is the desktop database software. The advantages of database are many in number. Firstly, it alleviates the problem of having hard copies of different data. As the data is stored in digital media, you do not have to maintain file systems. Thus, you can save lot of environmental space. Secondly, data related to different applications are stored in the same place. This makes easier to share the data from anywhere. Secondly, as sometimes, same data are required for different application, it eliminates the problem of storing the information again and again. Thirdly, unlike traditional systems, where you have to go on purchasing shelves to maintain the records, here you can simply upgrade your database. Up gradation of the database is nothing but upgrading the hard drive of the database. Fourthly, the data and programs are independent of each other. Change made in one area will have a minimum or no effect on other data. Next, there is no possibility of having duplicate values or redundant values. With these many advantages, one should switch over to database systems to store their valuable transactions and other information.

Access Database Tutorials & Examples

Databases are nothing but the collection of data and their supporting data structure. The data along with the database management system (DBMS) is collectively known as database system. If you are running a small enterprise, you will need a database to store your valuable transactions. Based on the necessity, whether you want it for just displaying information or for a complete package, you can choose from the number of options available in the market. A good example of database is the Microsoft’s Access database. This is just the right database that fits all business sizes. If you are a newbie in using the database, then you can make use of the templates that are included in the software. Many people, who have small businesses use Microsoft access to store their necessary data. You also have the option of having access database tutorial to guide you. For beginners it is good to use the access tool’s built-in templates. After you have learnt about the basics, you can move on to the advanced ones. The invoicing systems that have unit price, tax, sub total, grand total, price of the package, etc cannot be handled by the wizards. As you get in-depth knowledge about the software, you will need some more functionality.

example of database

One great advantage of using Access is that every component can communicate with each other. Access database tutorial guides you how to use the software. Other than just entering the fields and records and displaying information you can do lot more with it. In addition to this, you can check for redundancy or duplicate values, set indexes to speed up research, relating tables, choosing correct data types to hold the information.  Read the tutorial and create a sample access database. Check out whether the database is working or not. To start to work with it, firstly create the user interface design which is needed to enter the data. You can have text box, dropdown list box or combo box, radio buttons, check boxes, etc. and name it accordingly. At the initial stage, the user interface can just have 2 forms. Now, for a new database, create the table and with different fields. You can name the fields based on your application. Remember, you can change the field names later. For an instance, you can have the field names like ID (auto number), Name (text), City (text), State (text) and Country (text). The one in the bracket is the data type of the field or the type of information, which the field will hold. Make sure that the elements (text boxes, radio buttons, combo box) in the form should match with the fields in the database.

Once you have done with naming the fields, design the form with the form elements. Give the label name for each element. Set the foreground and background color properties for the form. You should have a button in the form so that when it is clicked, it can do the required operations. Now, double click the button so that you can enter into the coding part of the button. In the onClick() event, type the necessary thing, which you want, when the button is clicked. After doing this, save and close it. Suppose, if the button is named submit, then the data, which has been entered in it should be stored in the database. Type the required coding which would collect the data from the elements and store in a single row. This single row is known as a “record” in the database. Whenever you want to retrieve the data, you can type the particular coding in the onClick event. Access is a good example of database for beginners, who are seeking to store their valuable data.

Record management software

Every business today depends upon its records and legal documents. Recording the activities or things happening in the organization is very essential. The records can be of anything. It can be work reports, contracts, day to day memos or even order forms. There is vast variety of information which is there in the business. Hence a record management system needs to be very efficient for every concern. There is some records management policy too. Before, tons of papers were used in order to record all the data associated with an organization. As there is a tremendous growth in the technology, records management software was introduced. With the help of a record management system, small or large business manages the records happening in their firm. The following are the advantages of having records management software:

  • Business practices and transactions get more efficient.
  • Set priority on business elements, which are important.
  • Reduce the time of employees, who get engaged for a long time in searching and retrieving files.
  • Reduce the chances of documents being lost or misplaced.
  • Saves time, money and paper.
  • It is secured and wasted space can be reclaimed.
  • It provides easy access to files. It searches for the file instantly without making much delay for the user.

If you do not make a clear policy, then employee will be dissatisfied and confused. It also has the tendency to lessen the productivity. The records management policy must have the following information:

  • The sheet must contain a list of policies and you must include the date as to when the policies were endorsed. You can include these things in the footer of the page or at its header.
  • The policy must have certain basic introductory areas regarding policy statement, what is record management and why is it essential to an organization. You must b able to give a proper outline or scope of the policy.
  • List or make a note on all the responsibilities and key part of the organization.
  • Give a clear idea or an outline on how a record can be created. If possible add few work flow diagrams or flowcharts for it.
  • The journey of the record has to be mapped properly. For instance, How the records are stored, how is it shared with others, with whom is it shared, how records can be achieved etc. The procedures must be correct and they need to be mapped very clearly because the one who reads the policies should be able to understand what is going on.
  • You must also state as to when and how a record can be destroyed.
  • The process of accessing the files also needs to be jotted down.

The traditional method of saving all the records, connected to a business was done only by paper and pen. It was easy to manage and maintain. Now with the help of a computer, the documents are converted into digital format. The records can be managed in internet as well as intranet. IRM (iManage Record Manager) is specially designed software made by the companies of India and USA which helps in managing the records efficiently. The records can be of: paper documents, emails etc. It also helps in scanning images, all kinds of media files, electronic documents, electronic mails, etc. IRM also has the capability to support different email platform like Lotus Notes, Microsoft outlook etc. This tool helps in managing the records of a business. Nearly 35% of the companies in India and USA use this tool in their organizations.