University Of Portsmouth Enhances Administration of Streamlines And Documentation Administrative Operations Using Purpose

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The University оf Pоrtsmоuth [UоP] has picked Objective Cоrpоratiоn`s [ASX:OCL] cоntent, relatiоnship and prоcess management sоlutiоn tо enhance the way that the enterprise manages its dоcumentatiоn, which will reinfоrce the cоmmitment tо its prоcess оf prоgressive teaching that is infоrmed by significant research.

With оver 21,000 students and 3,000 staff [academics and administrative staff] a massive amоunt оf data is created оn an everyday basis. The sheer task оf managing this data in a cоherent way, let alоne deplоying it prоperly, was prоving particularly difficult tо the university.

The initial implementatiоn will undоubtedly be trialled within fоur main departments, including the Faculty оf Technоlоgy, the Academic Registry, Estates and the Prоgramme Office fоr Infоrmatiоn Servicesa with the gоal оf develоping a centralised repоsitоry оf data that is easily available tо all оr any relevant staff, enabling the streamlining оf administrative prоcesses.

Sally Hartley, University Secretary and Clerk tо the Bоard оf Gоvernоrs, University оf Pоrtsmоuth cоmmented: `By giving all оur staff with a single, centralised library, we have tо manage tо share infоrmatiоn far mоre efficiently, bоth within individual departments and thrоughоut the entire schооl. That shоuld enable us tо respоnd mоre quickly tо enquiries and will help mоre effective decisiоn making. With Objective, we are happy tо have оppоrtunity tо examine an answer that will prоvide significant advantages right thrоughоut the campus enabling staff tо cоncentrate оn mоre useful activities`.

Simоn Etheringtоn, General Manager UK, Objective Cоrpоratiоn cоncluded: `The sheer amоunt оf material prоduced within the schооl envirоnment is staggering. Our sоlutiоn supplies a ratiоnal structure tо be adоpted fоr the simple stоrage, access and sharing оf infоrmatiоn, allоwing staff tо influence the prоper value оf the infоrmatiоn and fоcus оn helping students tо reach their ambitiоns.`



Abоut the University оf Pоrtsmоuth

The University оf Pоrtsmоuth is оne оf the fоremоst academic establishments оn the sоuth cоast оf England with skills in teaching, study, and business engagement. It cоmbines a sоlid lоcal and regiоnal presence with an glоbal оutlооk.

The University places cоnsiderable impоrtance оn its persоnnel and aims tо prоvide them with an administrative infrastructure that helps then fulfil their tasks effectively, thereby creating an envirоnment, which оften can prоvide an excellent student knоwledge. An EDM prоcess has the pоtential tо enhance and imprоve оur cоnstructiоn and we lооk fоrward tо explоring that pоtential with Objective.

Objective Cоrpоratiоn

Objective Cоrpоratiоn [ASX:OCL] is definitely an established leader and expert service оf infоrmatiоn, relatiоnship and prоcess management sоlutiоns fоr peоple sectоr. Its оptiоns empоwer public sectоr effectiveness, effectiveness and transparency, helping authоrities prоvide better public sectоr benefits at a lesser price tо the cоmmunity.

Open source document management system

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CMMS is abbreviated as Computerized Maintenance Management System. To know about what a Computerized Maintenance Management System does, then you will have to know the concept behind EAM (Enterprise Asset Management). An EAM helps in achieving the best conditions of the assets as well as capital along with a small amount of cost. Hence the CMMS helps the organizations in reducing the operating costs and expenses. It improves the operation of assets and carries out all the work more efficiently. You need to select the right CMMS software out of many from the market. It has several features and helps in the growth of the company. Before using such systems, it is essential to make the list of all the requirements of personnel who will be using the computerized systems. You also need to create a detailed plan of the project and also you need to assign a manager for the project who will be able to handle everything. In this way the organization will be able to run all the work smoothly with the help of the computerized systems.

cornerstone records management

Everything today is getting changed to open source. There is something called as the document management system open source in the market which has changed the trends in a drastic way. The document management system open source is the software which is used to manage the documents in an easy way. It takes less time to complete the task. It is made open source, so that anyone could use it and major of the information systems are very expensive to buy and hence this can be of great help. It allows the clients to operate the files in the form of records. It does not require any kind of desktop installations and you can easily store as well as distribute the files without any complexity. It also has features like: image management, records management, content management (web) etc. You might be wondering what the cornerstone records management is. The cornerstone records management can help you in a lot of ways in the business. The system also avoids redundancy of records and reduces the cost of the organization. There are lots of companies in the market today who are involved in the task of managing the records in an efficient way for the other people. They help in maintain the overall tasks of the company. It is also called as recorded information management which carries out all the business operations and saves a lot of time. It speeds up the work process. They are reliable and comprehensive. It also has the feature called as permanence which means that records cannot be deleted or destroyed without a proper authorization.

It gives a good protection for a longer time to the essential business records. Even if the records need to be moved, it makes sure that the formats are not changed. It helps the users to easily search, use, retrieve and access the records. It also maximizes the storage capacity. The confidential records and information are maintained with high security and does not allow any unauthorized persons to access them. In order to secure the business, the online data storing has become very important. It eliminates the risks and problems in an organization. There are companies who provide the service of online data storage with automated backup. Even if there is a data loss, one will be able to recover them easily with the help of the backup feature. It helps in restoring all the files in a rapid as well as easy way which you have stored online.

Document scanning software

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Document scanning software involves a set of programs which helps in scanning all the documents in an efficient way. It includes the process of converting the hardcopy of documents to softcopy.  It can be achieved with the help of document scanners as well as certain software. The process gives out an electronic copy of a scanned image which can be edited, managed, retrieved and stored from the central system. There is even document control software and pc recording software used widely these days. With the help of document scanning software, things become very easy to manage in the organizations. The following are the various benefits of using such software:

document control software

  • It saves a lot of time.
  • It improves the security and performance level.
  • It helps in saving a lot of money in the business.
  • It improves the business operations and workflow.
  • It saves a lot of paper and manual work in the business.
  • It helps in increasing the productivity of the organization.
  • It helps in indexing, retrieving and storing the documents manually.
  • The documents that are scanned with scanning software, occupies very less space.
  • It has the ability to store the digital copies of the documents with the use of such scanning software.
  • In organizations the physical documents have the tendency to be lost, stolen and mismanaged but using this software saves a lot of money and guarantees security.
  • The CD-ROM (Compact Disk- Read Only Memory) has the ability to store 18000 – 20000 of the scanned pages. If it was physical documents, then it would require a lot of furniture to store them, but this will reduce the cost of furnitures.

All the organizations in today’s trend, keep their records maintained in digital format instead of physical ones. Since the data are huge enough, there has to be an easy approach in the concept of accessing and retrieving the data. The personnel must feel comfortable in searching and achieving the data. This is why the document control software is used. It allows the organization to accumulate the master list which contains all the essentials records and documents. It not only stores the records but also maintains the database of every record’s location (physical). It helps the administrators to allot limits or set boundaries to certain employees for accessing the documents. In this way, the unauthorized persons are eliminated. It also helps the users to see the past versions of the revised documents. It also helps the user to refer the documents whenever required. The software also can be used to take print outs of the documents which you require.

PC recording software has been widely used these days and can be of various types. It helps to record voice or music over the computer. It can be categorized into 2 ways:

  • Tracking the sound in to PC or a Mac
  • Editing the audio once it is recorded.

The software will help you to record the sound and later in modification. With the help of such recording software, one will be able to produce a lot of creativity in the music.  It also becomes easy for the youngsters to compose new sounds and enter into the industry based on their skills. It also helps in mastering, recording and mixing up the music into advanced levels. But it also has a disadvantage, since it becomes easy for the young generation to start with different sounds with the help of a PC and the software; they tend to forget the basics in sound engineering. They lack behind the fundamentals of the music.


Online database software

Database is one essential thing which everyone requires for a business. The offline databases are outdated because of the tremendous growth in the technology. The online database software are been widely used these days. They can be used with the help of internet but charges apply based on the monthly usage. Apart from the benefits, there are also disadvantages of using online database software. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Online: Since it is online, the database can be accessed from anywhere around the world. With the help of cloud computing trends, it becomes very easy to host the online olap database. It becomes more secured and scalable.
  • Elasticity: The database which is web based, has the tendency to store a huge data and is flexible in nature. When there is a data flow, there would be more space allocated to you based on the requirements.
  • Multi-tenancy: The cloud database is by nature multi-tenant which means that multiple customers can use the same database on the basis of shared model. You need to pay for the space that you use.
  • Pay for a use: This is what everyone likes. Well none will want to pay for free things. Only if the space is used, you can pay for it.


  • Security: Since it is web based, naturally there would be a lot of scams and intruders involved, so you need to know how far the data is secured if you use up the service. Since it is online, people are scared to use such databases just because of the security.
  • Switching: Many databases will support various formats and hence switching is very essential. When you switch from one format to the other, obviously there would be cost for it which becomes a big disadvantage for the people.
  • Downtime: At times there is a possibility of the servers to be very down. It can be due to different reasons which can even lead to data loss which in turn the customers get affected.

The online databases can improve the business productivity in different ways and can also serve various functions. One can even customize the database based on the business workflow. There is something what is called the requirements management software and act database software. They have various benefits in using. The requirements management software involves documenting, tracing, prioritizing, agreeing and analyzing the requirements, which then helps to control the change and finally communicate to the associated stakeholders. This is a continuous process which is carried out during the project. There are many companies who use database software today. The act database software lets the user with certain links to the PDAs.

It has many features which are as follows:

  • They have the tendency to get linked with the PDAs.
  • They can also be linked with the accounting software systems which are available instantly.
  • It provides the customers of the business with good services and enhanced online solutions.
  • It has the ability to import as well as export with the most popularly and commonly used Microsoft formats like: Excel, Outlook and Word.

The information that is stored in the database is in the form of rows and columns. But when you select the right kind of software for database, you will be able to convert the data in to priceless information. Choosing the right database software falling under the right budget is very important for every organization. There are even free online database solutions in online but you need to make a thorough review before using them.



Transaction processing systems

Each and every business requires a database and transaction processing systems to store as well as maintain all the records. Excel was used previously, but as the trends grew, there grew many disadvantages in using excel. It became hard to maintain the data. This is where the OLAP database and columnar database came into existence. The OLAP database has many benefits. It is abbreviated as Online Analytical Processing. It is used to allow the users to access a huge amount of data in a quick way that is stored in the data warehouses. The OLAP provides a real-time analysis on the data that is stored in the warehouse. In general, an OLAP server acts as a isolated component which includes indexing tools and specialized algorithms to enable the process of data-mining. The OLAP serves as the integral component of a business. It helps in decision making, analyzing the jobs of an organization. The systems are designed so as to provide the below benefits:

  • It helps in fulfilling the requirements or needs of the decision-makers.
  • It analyzes the data in different angles or dimensions.
  • It handles large inputs of data sets.

The OLAP system is designed depending on 2 architectures which are:

  • MOLAP (Multidimensional online analytical processing)
  • ROLAP (Relational online analytical processing)

The MOLAP is multidimensional database which provides good analysis on the data whereas the ROLAP helps in accessing the data straightforwardly from the data warehouse.

The next is the columnar database which has high benefits too. This has the ability to do wonders in the data management. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Suitability: The database is not only suitable for telecommunications but also can be used for industries like: retail stores and financial services.
  • Performance enhancement: It reads only the relevant data required by the user and eliminates the rest. This helps in increasing the performance level.
  • Rapid response: This is s feature which every individual needs. Well no one will want to wait for even seconds to get the results. So in this database, once you put in the queries, it will immediately display the results and avoids making a person wait.
  • Easy analysis: It helps in analyzing the data properly and helps in detecting fraud activities, making reports and business analytics.
  • Easy computation: The database helps in making a lot of computations in an easier way. Even if the computations are complex, it will perform the functions and produce tremendous results. This helps in saving you a lot of time and you will be able to compute sales in a lesser time.
  • Report generation: Apart from storing, accessing and retrieving the data, it will also help you in creating BI (Business Reports) reports. These reports can be very useful in making different analysis.
  • Minimum DBA effort: It requires a very less DBA (Database Assistance) effort and is very simple. The current queries and applications will be unchanged.
  • Proper data storage: The database helps in storing the data in a well organized manner so that a user can easily get access to the data as well as retrieve it.

Apart from the databases, the transaction processing systems are also very essential for a business. The business can either be small or large but such systems are necessary because they save you a lot of time and energy. The transaction systems must be able to help you with the customer’s credit cards and their details. It helps in managing all the payments and even the customers will be satisfied with the service done by you with such systems. It offers a complete, reliable, flexible and secured solution for the customers in transaction processing. It is easy to use and manage. It meets all the requirements of the modern world.

Business, contract and Microsoft retail management system

There had been a drastic improvement in the business trends. Management systems serve as a helping hand to carry out all the jobs effectively in an organization. They save a lot of time and speeds up the work process. There are different types of management systems like: business process management system, employee management system, contract management system, Microsoft retail management system etc. The following is detailed explanation about the various management systems:

Business process management system: This system is used by the organizations to control the existing as well as future process of a business. The main aim is to attain the best quality of the produce and better customer service. This system helps a particular business in automating, modeling, monitoring, optimizing and analyzing the various processes. It improves the workflow of an organization and increases the productivity. It also carries clear documentation of the process involved in a business so that they can be referred in the future. It improves the product quality and reduces time as well as cost. It lessens the work load of the workers. The various business process systems are designed in such a way that it is user-friendly, flexible, simple and comprehensive. These kinds of systems are widely used by many corporate so that they can interact with the other organizations, clients, companies, vendors etc.

contract management system

Contract management system: With the help of these systems, one can know about the compliance, profits and risk in a business. Once you standardize, centralize and systemize the contracts from beginning to the end, then you can have a good business and customer relationships. Even though the business is small or large, the 2 things which every business needs to take care of are the: deals and customers. It has the following benefits which are as follows:

  • It reduces the risk level.
  • It produces better results.
  • It helps you to keep the budget in control.
  • It gives a clear idea as to what is happening.
  • It evaluates the contracts and projects easily and effectively.
  • It helps in keeping a record of various tasks and responsibilities.
  • It improves the quality of work by making you remember things like: clients, deadlines and commitments.

When you decide to buy the contract systems, you need to look into its features first. Since there are many contract systems in the market, only the features will be able to separate software from the other. The 1st best feature is the “assembly”, you need to check the software, if it can handle the documents which are exported from various file formats. For instance, PDF, word document, text file etc. Then you need to check if the system is flexible and easy to use.


Microsoft retail management system: It is generally tagged as “MS RMS” and it helps the small as well as medium sized retailers in a way that they can automate the process in a business. It is implemented in PC (Personal Computer) and can be used by any retail stores. The retail shops can be of hobby stores, food stores, sporting goods, liquor stores, appliance stores etc. It helps in managing the store with lot of things like: inventory or stock, purchase orders, employee management, sales tracking etc. They are generally in the form of work sheets which can be generated with the help of commands. They can also be integrated with SQL or other applications like: Microsoft CRM, MS Great Plains etc. It is used worldwide and is known for its user-friendly nature. It reduces the cost and time.

Hence the above things are discussed clearly and it is very essential to take up the right management system based on your needs.

Learning management systems

Today it is impossible to think about a business without the word “technology”. The computer systems approach to management acts as a helping hand in lot of things. With the help of systems approach to management, the managers will be able to carry out all the jobs of an organization in a much simpler way. It saves a lot of time and reduces cost. In every organization, either small or big, the one thing that is in common is the “learning process”. The training or learning sessions is endless. Each time a new project comes; the employees are trained well or made to learn so that they can use the new tools in a proper way. So the learning process never ends and hence emerged the “learning management system software” in the market. Today in current market, you can see millions of learning management system software and hence you need to pick the correct one based on your needs. It will be rather better to make up a learning management system comparison between the different software. It will help you in picking the right one. When you make a learning management system comparison, you will come to know about various features which each of the software has and what will be benefits of using them.

With the help of learning systems, you can improve the knowledge, capabilities, skills and talents of the employees. The learning procedure is designed in such a way that it not only trains the employees but also helps in the growth of an organization. There are even online learning programs which have emerged newly. If the learning systems are implemented, the organizations face a lot of benefits because the employees work well which in turn the company gives better outputs to the clients, making good profits at the end. But the learning systems are quite expensive and that is why certain companies hesitate to purchase them. If that is the case, the SaaS (Software as a Service) can be the ideal option. Here, the organizations that are involved in giving online training, maintain and manage software for clients which in turn breaks down the overall expenses and helps to focus on the business objectives. The e-learning is done through the popular media which are:

  • Games
  • Mobiles
  • Social networking websites

The organizations which are in need for learning system software can get the training contents or modules based on the requirements. This kind of learning systems are implemented by banks, financial sectors, information technology, research & development, retail markets, life sciences and education. In order to get good profits from the business, it is very important to make the employees trained well. Only if they are on the right track, then the company’s growth tends to increase. The best advantage of using a learning system is its scalability. The learning system software also helps in tracking, serving, managing and delivering the learning sessions effectively. You will see that most of the learning systems are online based. The online learning systems also tracks the individual’s activities that are carried out while learning and generates reports based on his or her performance. It also has the ability to train multiple persons at a single time. It reduces travel time and helps in giving the training with good consistency. The learning software is very easy to install and guides an individual in all the queries. If you and your employees require training in a most cost effective way, then the best thing to do is to install the learning software and avail all the facilities. It will save a lot of time, effort and money.


Project, Quality and grants management system

The trends in the business have changed drastically when compared to the previous decades. The management system plays up an essential role in making the company successful. There management systems can be classified into many types based on the field. Some of the examples of management systems are: project management information system, employee management system, grants management system, quality management system etc. The quality management system definition can be stated in many ways but in general a quality management system definition sates that, it is a system through which a specific organization aims to lessen and eliminate the inconsistencies in standards, customer expectations and specifications in a most cheap as well as efficient manner. When it comes to quality, then it requires certain factors to be considered which are as follows:

  • The expectations and requirements of the customers must be jotted down clearly in order to make proper decisions.
  • The quality objectives and quality policies must be clearly defines as well as understood by the people working in the organization.
  • The different methods and approaches to meet the goal need to be defined clearly and implemented.
  • The various responsibilities and processes must be managed properly in order to achieve the target.
  • In order to meet the requirements or goals, well infrastructure and resources are required.
  • The process of verification and product’s quality must be clearly defined.

The following are some of the management systems along with their explanations:

Project management information system: The acronym is PMIS and it helps the organizations to plan, design, implement and execute the different phases properly. It makes sure that the steps which are taken in each phase are correct or not. It is generally an electronic system which contains techniques and tools to collect, disseminate and integrate the outputs of a particular project. The organizations who do not use such systems can be very successful in finishing the projects on time but if it uses a PMIS, then it will help the organization to know the scope, goals, time period and cost of a particular project. The basic concept of this system is to manage all the tasks in regard to the project. The information are collected, distributed and synthesized through manual as well as electronic channels. The projects that are small need not require a PMIS but for the large projects, it is very essential to make use of this system. Before you decide to buy a PMIS, the following things have to be considered:

  • The existing hardware as well as software must be well integrated.
  • Make sure that the tool you buy must be cost effective and you get good returns after using it.
  • There must be a training session given to the people of the organization who will be involved in using this tool.

Grants management system: For many years the educators were using different grants systems to get better and organized information from the grant administrators, students, faculty and other people who work in the university. But today there are enormous grants systems to choose from. All you need to do is to select the right one based on the requirements. Using this system has several advantages like:

  • It reduces the work of the employees and saves a lot of time. Management will be amazed to see the rapid growth in the work carried out by their employees.
  • It helps to increase the productivity. The college’s productivity will increase to a great extent.
  • There will be a proper control in performing the various functions.
  • The records and data are secured in a proper way.
  • It helps in generating real time outputs or reports.


Health, loan and food safety management systems

Business trends keep changing everyday as there is advancement in technology some day or the other. The management systems help a particular business to manage and carry out all the tasks in an efficient way. The management system can be of many types. For instance, flight management system, health management information system, HR management system, loan management system, employee management system, food safety management system etc are some of the popularly used systems worldwide. The following are certain systems with the advantages of using them:

loan management system

Health management information system: This system analyzes the information that is got from different resources. The data which is collected is then used for the health services. It involves clinical guidelines and computers to utilize the medical research, care for the patient etc. The technicians of the health systems are provided with duties to maintain, compile, and process the medical data and medical files that are associated with the hospital as well as patients. The people who are interested to join in this industry must be able to earn a specific degree in the field as well as get certified. If there is a certification, then there will be a better pay. The technicians will be responsible for a lot of things. It includes, getting the patient’s files regarding the healthcare, keeping the files safely, the physician who is associated in checking the patient etc. You must possess certain skills with regard to the job. One must be highly organized; detail oriented, equipped and must be able to keep the files confidential. It becomes a cherry on the cake if you have leadership qualities too. The work can be taken up in small as well as large clinics. And it can be either public or private.

Loan management system: This system is very useful for banks and other financial services who offer loan to the people. It is really a tedious job to do work and maintain records with the help of paper. But with the invention of this particular software, work has become very easy. It helps in maintaining all the records of various debtors and as well as track down all the mortgages. It also has a calculator that is inbuilt in the software itself in order to calculate the interest amounts. It has the following features:

  • Compatibility: The software is made compatible with the rules (Simple Interest), mortgages for various loan types like: business, personal, car, education etc.
  • Tracker: It has a tracker which helps you in maintaining all the loans that are variable and fixed along with the interest rates. It tracks all the things like: payments, late charges, penalties, liabilities, overheads, taxes etc.
  • Scalability: It comes with a calculator which is constructed with different formulas to calculate the various things associated with the loans. It is completely user-friendly and lets the user to input different values in order to get an output.
  • Flexibility: It gives a complete report of the payments which can be either weekly or fortnight or monthly or yearly.

Food safety management system: It is sub part of restaurant management system.This system helps in checking if the food we consume is safe or not. They are used in food industries and are essential because it reduces the risk of getting diseases while taking the food. To implement a food safety system, you need to determine the food standards so that you can follow them. Then you need to conduct a training program for the staff you have in order to keep them aware about the various food standards. Next is to hire an expert or consultant who can often check if the jobs are done correctly. One you have the system done, then you will need to document them properly. Documentation is very important because you will know the various measures that you have took for the food safety.


Content management systems

The management information system definition can be stated in many ways based on different views but generally a management information system definition states that it is a mixture of computer and human based systems that take the inputs from inside as well as outside environment. It helps to analyze, store and calculate the data and then generate reports based on the input. It helps in taking the right decisions of a business at the right time. You might be wondering that “what is content management system”. Well the answer to what is content management system is as follows: The CMS (Content Management System) is a system which allows editing, modifying and publishing the content and also maintaining the site. It possesses a set of procedures that helps in managing the workflow. There is something called as the LCMS which is popularly known as “Learning Content Management System”. The learning management information system has an authoring application, delivery interface, administration-tools and data repository in order to manage the content. The CMS has the following things:

what is content management system

Front End: The visitor of a website sees the following things:

  • Articles: This is the main part of a website which includes texts and images. The more strong and attractive is the content, you gain more visitors.
  • Blocks: These contain header, footer and side-bars which contains snippets of the contents. For instance, it can be login block, special offers, menus etc.
  • Theme: This helps in controlling the look of a web page. The theme which you select for the website must be related to the content you put into it. It helps you adjust the width, sidebar location, text color, text font, artwork at the header, color scheme etc.

Back End: This is the place which is accessible only to you and the co-administrators. The CMS helps in providing the necessary structures which is helpful for building a commercial website with the following things:

  • With the help of register and login, one can get the access control on it.
  • Through the logical data search, it helps the visitors to look quickly for what they need.
  • It provides links, menus and searches. It helps in creating forums, blogs and comments.

Apart from Content Management System (CMS), event Management Information System (MIS) can be used but they do have certain disadvantages which are as follows:

  • Lack in planning: The first and foremost important step is to plan before proceeding with an activity. There must be a rough plan so that a business can know about what further steps need to be implemented. If this is not done by the manager, then it will be a team without a caption. At such cases it becomes a disadvantage to implement an MIS in the company if there is an improper plan.
  • Lack in interest by a management in implementing MIS: The management are the major people who should decide if the MIS (Management Information System) should be installed in the organization or not. If they aren’t interested in taking up things, then it becomes a disadvantage.
  • Usage: Computers has the ability to do the job in milliseconds which is impossible for humans to do it. It will take more time for humans to do a task when compared to super fast computers. In order to achieve the benefits of an MIS, you need to use computers.
  • Computer knowledge: The knowledge on computers is very essential for a management to complete the work smoothly. The technology becomes a helping hand in performing a specific job properly.
  • Poor involvement by the specialists: It is very necessary to be involved in working with MIS to get its benefits. Without having suggestions, discussions, creative ideas and opinions, it becomes very hard to get the benefits efficiently out of an MIS.